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Donít automatically renew your insurance with the same provider each year Ė shop around online, as itís likely you'll be able to find cheap home insurance deals elsewhere.

There is no one cheapest home insurer, there are simply too many variables which can effect your quote such as the type of property, where you live, the flood risk, crime rate etc. The key to finding cheap home insurance is to get quotes as possible from across the market.

Click the Get Quotes Now button and use all the comparison services listed. If you only use one comparison service you might miss out on the best deal as comparison sites don't all feature the same insurers. Also get quotes from insurers who choose not to appear on the comparison services, this includes Direct Line and Aviva.

If you have a mortgage or are planning to buy your first home, you've no choice but to get buildings insurance - but if you shop around there are savings to be made. Contents insurance, meanwhile, isn't mandatory and many of us think it is a dispensable cost. But a few pounds each month could lessen the tragedy of your belongings being destroyed or stolen.

Buildings Insurance

With all the hair-splitting and seemingly unceasing costs involved in buying a home it can be very tempting to brush aside the fact you've got to insure it. However, your mortgage lender won't allow you your home loan unless you have organised cover for your prospective pad.

Buildings insurance will cover the cost of rebuilding your home should a calamity strike and it is ravaged by fire, flood or any other of Mother Nature's retributions. Without it, a disaster like this could leave you homeless.

It is important to be proactive about acquiring the right cover and not just let nature tale its course. While you cannot prevent floods from occurring, you can make sure you are covered for the damage.

Contents Insurance

Contents insurance is not compulsory but arguably it is just as important as buildings cover as it  provides protection for the possessions in your home. Again, this is a chore for many people as it's another monthly cost to swallow.  As well as the trauma you'd go through if your belongings were stolen or damaged, it could set you back thousands of pounds replacing them if you were not adequately covered.

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